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Which tariff plan will suit me?

You can choose or change the tariff plan best suiting your needs at any time.

If you only need to use the Internet from time to time, you can choose the plan "Pay as You Go" – this way you will only pay for the traffic you actually use;
If you need to check your mail, send some messages or photos, visit some sites from time to time, you can choose the "Optimal Daily" plan;
If you need to be up to date all the time and use Internet constantly, you can choose the "Unlimited Daily" plan;
If your trip lasts more than a week and you need to stay in touch all the time, you can get the "4Gb data" plan;
If you are a heavy user of the internet and would like to use much more data, you can pick the "10Gb data " plan;
If you decide to change your plan, you can do it online at any time.

Full and detailed information about MTX Connect tariff plans is available here.

Updated on: 12/15/2019

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