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Why do I need to verify my identity?

You need to verify your identity in order to use your MTX Connect SIM card. This policy is in line with the law of Luxembourg, that requires all telecommunications operators to verify their customer's identity before allowing them to use their services.

Identity verification may take some time. However, you can fully benefit from MTX Connect services immediately while your identity is being verified.

To verify your identity, you are able to upload — via a secure form at, by e-mail sent to or via the MTX Connect mobile application — one of the following government-issued documents :

International passport
Driving license (both sides)
National ID card (both sides)
Resident Permit (both sides)

The document must be valid (the expiry date has not been reached).

Important: The provided document must be written in the Latin alphabet and contain 5 essential items:
country indication
document number
owner name
date of birth of the owner
photo of the owner​​

We fully respect your confidentiality in compliance with GDPR regulations.

You can check the status of your identity verification by visiting your account at as shown below:

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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