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How Automatic Payments and Card Authorization for MTX Connect Invoices Work

What is automatic payment?

Automatic payment is a convenient option provided by MTX Connect, allowing you to automatically pay monthly invoices for roaming communication services using pre-authorized credit or debit cards.

How are invoices generated?

Invoices are issued monthly for the previous month and reflect the quantity and cost of data consumed by all your eSIM and SIM cards.

How to pay an invoice with a credit card?

When paying a new invoice, you have two options: select a previously saved card or add a new one. Read this help article for more information about invoice payments.

How to save a card for future payments?

You have the option to save a card in two different methods.

Method 1

When paying with a new card, select both checkboxes, "Save this card for future payments" and "Authorize card for future automatic payments." After completing the payment, the card will be saved and authorized for automatic payments in the future.

Method 2

You can authorize a previously saved card for automatic payments at any time in the "Settings" section.

Navigate to "Settings" > "Payment Information"

Select the desired card

Check "Authorize card for future automatic payments" checkbox.

Card data is stored securely, and MTX Connect does not have access to it.

How does automatic payment work?

Upon publishing a new invoice, MTX Connect will attempt to automatically deduct funds from the authorized card. If the card has sufficient funds, the amount will be automatically debited, and the invoice will be paid.

How to revoke authorization for automatic payment?

You can revoke authorization by going to the card settings and unchecking "Authorize card for future automatic payments."

Updated on: 11/16/2023

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