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How do Shared groups work?

Shared groups are disposable entities which allow you to assign a certain package to a group of cards and share it amongst all cards in this group.

To create a shared group you need to:

In the Cards section select the cards you want to add to a shared group;
Click on the Group button in the group operation menu;
Select Shared groups and follow the Shared group creation wizard.

As soon as you hit the Create shared group button, all cards within this group will get access to the package which you have activated for this group.

Cards within the Shared group will not use individual copies of the package, instead a single package will be shared between all cards in the group.
Once created, a shared group can’t be modified until its package is depleted. To modify a shared group, you will have to destroy it and create a new one.

Destroying a shared or a regular group won’t delete your cards.
Consider destroying a group more as an ungrouping operation. When you destroy a group, you can:

Move all cards to another group, leaving the initial group empty, but not deleting it;
Remove all cards from the group and delete the group.

Updated on: 03/04/2021

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