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How does the in-app chat feature work?

The in-app chat feature is being delivered through a third party company — Crisp.

In MTX Connect for Business we use Crisp SDK that lets us integrate the Crisp chatbox to our iOS and Android apps. In-app chat simplifies your user support by unifying all the channels of your user relationship and your users benefit from a shared inbox experience.

Business messaging doesn't have to be robotic. With in-app chat, you can create a personalized experience for your users.

Integrated knowledge base

Users can access help articles and resolve issues directly from our Live Chat

Chatbot scenarios

Build advanced chatbot scenarios to automate your user onboarding.

GIFs + Video Preview

Create personal and modern conversational experiences using GIFs and videos.

File sharing

Share files, images, and documents directly from the chat widget.


Connect the Live Chat to social networks like Messenger and Twitter

Customize your Live Chat

From colors, to languages, to positions; you can customize our chat widget to fit with your brand

Gather all communications in one shared inbox

Let your users contact you through their favorite day-to-day messaging apps, while you maintain a single dashboard for all of your replies. Live Chat is connected to many third-party messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Email, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio (SMS), Line and WhatsApp. It simplifies your user support.

The first video chat for users

Scheduling calls with users can be complicated sometimes. Users are usually required to set up third-party software in order to communicate with you, but with our live chat, your users can benefit from video and audio calls out of the box, in real time. No plug-in or software to install, just a joyful and human experience.

If you’d like to add in-app chat to your account, contact our sales team.

Updated on: 03/04/2021

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