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How do I start using my SIM card?

Make sure that the country you are visiting is within the coverage area;
Select the SIM card size/type suitable for your device (mini, micro or nano) and extract it from the package;
Turn off your mobile device and insert the SIM card into it;
Turn on your device and enter the "Settings" section;
In the "Cellular Data Options" section in the APN line (Access Point Name), write: internet;
Use the following instructions depending on the device you are using: Apple or Android:

For Apple devices:
If you have an iPhone with iOS7 / iOS8 or later, go to "Settings", then "Cellular", then "Cellular Data Network", then "Cellular Data" (APN);

For Android devices:
Go to "Settings", then "More Networks", then "Mobile Networks", then "Access Point Names";

Enable the "Data Roaming" option;
Wait until the device is registered in the mobile network;
Open any browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and access any site;
You will be redirected to the MTX Connect SIM card activation site. Follow the instructions on the website to activate your SIM card.
After activating the card, you can top up your balance through the Personal Account page.
Start using the fast Internet with MTX Connect SIM card.

Updated on: 04/18/2019

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