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Manually set up Access Point Name (APN) on your iPhone

Most iPhones with iOS up to date will normally retrieve the settings for using internet from the SIM or receive these automatically via the network.

It is also possible to set up your iPhone manually for internet.

This guide is using iPhone X and iOS 12 as an example.

Go to the Start screen. Choose Settings.
Scroll down. Choose Cellular.
If Cellular Data is disabled, enable Cellular Data.
Choose Cellular Data Options. If Data Roaming is disabled, enable Data Roaming.
Choose Cellular Data Network.
Edit the details for MOBILE DATA as follows:
Under APN, enter internet
Under Username, enter nothing.
Under Password, enter nothing.
Edit the details for PERSONAL HOTSPOT in the same way as at previous step.
Return to the Cellular menu.
Return to the Start screen. To finish the process and activate the settings, you need to restart the device. Your iPhone X will then be configured to use mobile internet.

Updated on: 01/23/2024

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