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How to install and configure the MTX eSIM on Android

In order to install the MTX Connect eSIM to your Android phone, you need to scan the QR code that was delivered to your email address after a successful eSIM purchase.

Before you start, be sure that:
you have a reliable and strong internet connection
your Android phone is carrier unlocked and eSIM capable
it is recommended to have the latest Android version installed to your phone

Samsung Galaxy

Go to Settings > Connections
Tap on SIM card manager
Select Add mobile plan
Navigate to Other ways to add plans
Choose Add using QR code
Scan the provided QR code
Follow on-screen prompts

Google Pixel

Go to Settings > Network & Internet
Select Mobile Network
Click on Add carrier
Scan your QR code
Tap on Start

Tip: Alternatively, most Android smartphones do support scanning QR codes via the Camera app.

Open your Camera or a QR Scanner app
Scan the eSIM QR code that is attached in the order confirmation email
When the notification Cellular Plan Detected pops up, tap on it.
Tap on Continue at the bottom of your screen
Add Cellular Plan

Configure your MTX Connect eSIM:

Go into Settings - Connections

Tap Mobile Networks

Switch Data Roaming ON
Tap on the Access Point Names

Check you have the APN set with internet word

Restart your phone

Updated on: 01/31/2024

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