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Where can I find the QR code of my eSIM?

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How to View eSIM QR Code
How to Set Up eSIM Automatically (the fastest way)
How to Manually Set Up eSIM


Upon completing your eSIM purchase, an email containing the QR code for your eSIM will be promptly sent to you. Within this email, you will find both the QR code for your eSIM and the necessary information for manual entry, including the SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code. If you choose to activate your eSIM at a later time, you can use this data to activate the eSIM on your device.

Beginning from version 2.17.4 of the MTX Connect eSIM for travel app, your eSIM data is conveniently accessible within the SIM actions menu.

How to View eSIM QR Code

Tap on the dots adjacent to the preferred eSIM. The app will display the SIM actions menu.

Tap on the "View card details" button.

Tap on the "QR code" menu item.

The app will display the QR code of your eSIM.

TIP: If you wish, you can share this QR code with a family member, a friend etc.

Then, on the device you want to install the eSim, open the Camera app and follow these steps:
Scan the QR code.
Tap on "Mobile Plan."
Follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Set Up eSIM Automatically

Within the SIM actions menu, tap on the "Set up eSIM automatically" button. Your device will launch the automatic eSIM installation wizard (no QR code scanning or manual data entry will be required).

Please note that if this eSIM is already installed on this device, you will encounter an error during the eSIM installation process.

Please be informed that MTX Connect eSIMs are associated with the device ID upon installation. Therefore, if an eSIM has been previously installed on another device, it cannot be installed on another device afterward. You will encounter an error message in such a scenario. More details in this article: Can I transfer my eSIM to a new device?

How to Manually Set Up eSIM

Within the SIM actions menu, tap on the "View card details" button.

Navigate to the "SET UP MANUALLY" section to obtain your SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code information.


Open your device Settings.
Open Mobile Service
In the SIM section, tap on "Add eSIM."
Open "Use QR Code."
Tap "Enter Details Manually."
Enter the SM-DP+ Address.
Enter the Activation Code.
Tap "Next."

Other useful features of the SIM actions menu:

Rename card: You can personalize your eSIM or SIM by assigning it a custom name.
SMS number: If you are subscribed to MTX Connect SMS Number, you can test the SMS delivery by sending a test SMS.
Get live support: Use this feature to launch an online chat with our Customer Support team.
Suspend card: If you no longer intend to use your eSIM or SIM, you can suspend it.

Updated on: 05/27/2024

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