If your device displays a connection error message (e.g. "Could not activate cellular data network" etc.), you should make sure that you've configured your mobile device right, as shown on our site.

Make sure that you are in the country, covered by the MTX Connect network;
Enable Roaming and Data Roaming;
Switch mobile operator to "auto";
Set APN to "internet" (all lowercase, without quotes). On IOS, please fill other 3 APNs (LTE, MMS & modem), placed below the first one;
Restart your mobile (switching the airplane mode ON and OFF is not enough);
On your personal account page http://a.mtxc.eu verify if you have the right data plan activated;
According to new EU legislation, all mobile customers have to uniquely identify themselves. Please upload a scan or a photo of your ID to https://selfcare.mtxc.eu/dashboard/profile/common or use our mobile app to upload your ID.

Also, please check this PDF guide for your connection troubleshooting.
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